Care Givers

We at Boost have talked to many people who work with and help the severely physically disabled. Boost knows how difficult it is and how hard you work to improve the life of the person under your care. You want to do whatís right for this person, but youíre already so busy that canít take on additional responsibilities that significantly add to the work you have to do. We understand, and weíve designed the Boost Tracer so that it WILL NOT ADD TO YOUR WORKLOAD.
* Put the visor on, plug it into the radio, and the Tracer is ready to go all day - total set up time: less than a minute!
* The Tracerís rechargeable battery lasts over ten straight hours, so you wonít be constantly changing batteries. You donít even have to take the battery out of the Tracer to charge it!
* The Tracer does not require ANY software to run. The problem with driver software is that it may potentially conflict with other software on the computer, and then YOU have to fix it. Plus, driver software has to be regularly updated. Not a problem with the Tracer!
* The Tracer communicates wirelessly with the computer. Since the user wonít be tethered to the machine (even if he wants to use switches), he wonít need your help to unhook him every time he wants to leave the machine.
* The Tracer is totally portable. No external battery packs or wheelchair battery adapters to hook up. No heavy machinery of any kind. Need to take the Tracer with you somewhere - just pick it up and go!

In fact, the Tracer might even make it easier for you to provide care. The Tracer was designed to give physically disabled users the highest degree of independence possible; they can surf the net, write emails or letters, do artwork, all WITHOUT YOUR HELP!