Tracer Features

The Boost Tracer is a computer mouse that you control with your head, accurately converting head movement into computer cursor motion. In fact, Tracer is so accurate and easy to use that most people who have tried it are able to put the cursor on a desired individual pixel within minutes of using it for the first time! Here are some of Tracer's key features:

New Technology: Tracer uses a patented, small, reliable and durable gyroscope to sense your movements. The gyroscope communicates wirelessly with the computer via an FCC Certified RF (radio frequency) connection, which solves all of the problems of the IR (Infrared) connection used by other head pointing devices.
The problem with IR is that sources of visible light can also produce IR. Therefore, sunlight, certain types of artificial light, reflections, and other IR devices operating within a close proximity can severely hinder the performance of IR devices. The Tracer, however, can be used in practically any environment with no loss of performance. Additionally, the Tracer uses multiple radio channels, so up to seven devices may be used in the same space.

Plug and Play: Tracer requires no software drivers to work. You simply plug it in and your computer thinks that Tracer is a regular mouse. This means you don't have to keep an eye out for constant updates, patches, or fixes. Plus, software drivers can conflict with other software and cause your computer to crash - Tracer will never cause you to call your office's IT guy to come and figure out what's conflicting with what, or even worse, you'll never have to try to figure it out yourself.

No External Power: Tracer is powered by a small, rechargeable battery, so it is easy to use Tracer with a laptop anywhere you need to go - you don't need a power outlet, or a heavy external battery, or an extra adapter to hook up to (and drain) your wheelchair battery.

Compatible: Tracer works on any type of computer - no matter which platform you're using, OS you're running, or mouse port your computer needs. And unlike some of the others, Tracer will work on any AAC device that accepts mouse input.

Easy To Install: Tracer is ready-to-use right out of the box - no potentially buggy and conflicting software drivers to install, nothing to assemble - just plug it in, and you're in control.

Great Value: Tracer is only $795 - compared to almost $2,000 for some of the other computer head pointers out there. And even though Tracer isnít the least expensive product available, it is the most complete - you don't need to buy extra equipment to switch remotely, extra batteries, or extra adapters. Depending on what you want to do with the other guysí products, you may have to spend more than a $1,000 in addition to their base price to get the same functionality that you get with Tracer for $795.

Sound too good to be true?: Boost Technology is able to offer a product that is better than anything else out there at such at low cost by leveraging existing technologies that, until now, have never been designed specifically for disabled people. Another company has designed a gyroscopically controlled, RF connected mouse for able-bodied people (they are meant to be held in the hand); over 250,000 of which have been sold so far. This company spent over ten years developing and cost-reducing these technologies, and with a quarter million satisfied customers, you know they succeeded. Because the Tracer helps disabled people, Boost was given access to this significant R&D at no cost! Since we don't have to recoup this immense expense, we are able to pass the savings on to you!