The Gus! Access Keyboard

Use the Tracer to select a key on The Gus! Access Keyboard and it will be "typed" into the computer for you!

The Gus! Access Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard that allows the user to enter text into any application. It has many special features; a few are:

Word Prediction (completes the current word):

As you begin to enter a word (eg. the letter "a"), the box displays a list of choices based on what letters you have typed. As you continue to type, the list narrows the choices down further and further. This feature is called "word completion." To select on of the words from the list, simply press the corresponding function key (F1-F9). The program learns new words as you type (Autolearn) and builds your own personalized vocabulary. In fact, the words are presented based on "frequency of use"; meaning the words that have been used most often appear at the top. If you look at the picture above, you will see a list of words on the right side. This is the word completion/prediction box. It also displays abbreviations which are explained below. In this example above, you can see that the words are not in alphabetical order. The are in order of frequency.

Word Prediction (guesses the next word)

After you finish entering a word, the box will display a list of words that normally follows the word you just entered, based on your own vocabulary. For example, suppose you have entered the phrase "I want to go home" on more than one occasion. Hence forth, after you type the word "want" the box will display the word "to" as an offering for the next word. If you select the word "to", the box will display the word "go" along with 8 other words that have, in the past, followed the word "go." As you can see, word completion and word prediction will greatly accelerate your "typing" speed.

Abbreviation Expansion (expands an few characters into a word/sentence)

Suppose you would like to type/speak "good morning everyone!" on The Gus! Access Keyboard to greet your family. That is 3 words or 20 letters to type. What if you could type only "gme" and the program would expand it, automatically, to "good morning everyone!". That is exactly what "abbreviation expansion" is all about. You simply type the abbreviation ("gme") and the program automatically inserts the expansion ("good morning everyone!"). You can create as many abbreviations as you like!

Speech output (Microsoft Speech Synthesizer included!)

The Gus! Access Keyboard includes the Microsoft Speech Synthesizer at NO additional cost. Using the marvelous sounding voice, The Gus! Access Keyboard can speak each letter, or word, or sentence...automatically using the best sounding speech synthesizer on the market.... and its included...FREE.

Task bar application with integrated Start Menu

The Gus! Access Keyboard embeds itself into the Windows task bar!! It isn't just another window taking up valuable space on your screen but is a fully functioning task bar application! What this means to you is that the critical functions of the task bar (starting applications, switching between applications etc) are nicely embedded into The Gus! Access Keyboard. Of the over 100 on-screen keyboards currently available today, this is the only one that offers true integration with the Windows operating system.

Full-time technical support staff and FREE upgrades forever from Gus!.

The Gus! Access Keyboard comes with free customer support and free upgrades. Tracer users may have a much higher requirement for strong technical support than with an average consumer buying a simple word processor. Tracer users depend on their onscreen software to communicate with their families, to assist them with work or school, to cruise the internet or to compose a letter or email to their friends and relatives. These are the truly important things in life and it is important that they get technical support when they ask.

For FREE technical support, simply go to or call 360-715-8580 weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

The Gus! Access Keyboard sells for $495.