AHF's REACH Interface Author

The REACH Interface Author is produced by Applied Human Factors. It is the premier on-screen keyboard software available and comes with a vast assortment of assistive technology tools, including "dwell" capability that permits a Tracer user who cannot click any buttons to perform all button functions - by 'hovering' over something long enough, you can accomplish all the button functions (e.g. left click, right click, drag, double click). REACH runs in Microsoft 95 and Windows 98. Below is a picture of the QWERTY keyboard (one of more than 100 keyboards that come with REACH).

Seven years of development and testing including nine formal user tests involving adults, adolescents, and children were conducted to ensure that this product helps maximize the abilities of a variety of users. It started as a simple on-screen keyboard (like those now commonly available) and based on extensive input from users, has grown into an elaborate assistive technology toolkit. It comes with word/sentence completion, speech augmentation, scanning keyboard options, automatic "windows management" (that automatically resize, reposition, and bring windows to the top when you need them), a multimedia keyboard authoring system, 100+ built-in keyboards, 10 built-in assessment tools, -- and much, much more! REACH Interface Author 2.5 is only $239.
For a full list of features and keyboards, visit Applied Human Factors' website at