Virtual Keyboard TotalAccess
by MiloSoft

How it works:
Virtual Keyboard TotalAcces is a multi-use keyboard emulator and it works with any Win32 software. With this on-screen keyboard, you can use your mouse to type in any text environment, including chat, email and word processing programs.

It is recommended that you download to C:/Windows/StartMenu/

When you start the Virtual Keyboard by MiloSoft, it will put an icon on your taskbar. Use this icon to configure your keyboard before using. You will need to configure it for "Always On Top" in order to use it with your text environments.

The License:
Virtual Keyboard TotalAccess is freeware, this means you can copy and use it free, but not modify it.

Virtual Keyboard TotalAccess was written by MiloSoft.

Virtual Keyboard home page:
Virtual Keyboard TotalAccess can be downloaded from “The ALS March of Faces” web site, at